Where should I get my personal branding images taken?

This question isn't a one size answer that fits every person. The location of your photo session sets the entire vibe of the photos. The vibe must match your overall branding and marketing strategy. You're not going to take photos outside at the beach if your brand has nothing to do with the outdoors or water. As your photographer, we work together to determine which location would be best for you and your brand. Ill share the top 5 places I end up capturing photos at.

Top Photography Locations:

1 - Your place of business.

This is the most authentic. It's where you work, where you spend your time. It most likely is filled with your brand vibe already.

2 - Your Home.

This is the second most authentic, you spend the majority of your time here when not working. Your personality shines through your home.

3 - Rented Studio

Very popular option if your workplace or home isn't "photo-worthy". I truly believe this doesn't exist but understand that you may not want your private spaces photographed. A studio generally has "sets" that we can adapt with props to create your brand vibe.

4 - Rented Air BNB/ Friends or Family Home

A pretty curated home is a great backdrop, that can easily be adapted to your brand with props similar to a studio.

5 - Cafe

Recently I have had clients loving coffee shops! Whether it's because they work out of them on the regular so it's authentic to them. or they can recreate what it looks like how they work from home at the cafe table.