So you got Brand Photos, but now where do you post them? How do you use your branding images?

The most popular place where people use their brand photos is on social media:

  • Profile Images
  • Static Feed Posts
  • Graphic Backgrounds for Posts/Stories
  • Instagram Reel Covers

Another popular place business owners use their branding images is on their website:

  • Product Photos
  • to show their Service
  • About Page to Introduce themselves and/or staff
  • in lieu of Stock Images

A few other places to use branding photos would be:

  • Bios for Speaking Engagements
  • Features in Articles by the Media
  • Podcast Covers (or Headshot as Guest)

This is not an exclusive list of where to use your brand photos but it is a list of the most popular. Did I leave out your favourite? leave it in the comments!